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Saba For you For Life

The core of our company…

At Saba – “For you For Life” – isn’t an empty promise – it’s at the very core of what the company stands for.


From its everyone-on-deck attitude to its proven system of products and tools, the 26-year-old health and nutrition company is helping people across the United States discover a healthier, more fit lifestyle, and even earn some extra money along the way.

For President and CEO Gary Hail, it all goes back to support. “Relationships are the strength of our business,” Gary says. “We’re not just a big corporate guy under a website or customer service agency — we’re real people who are out there, step by step working with all of our Associates.”

Relationships are the Centerpiece!

The company’s focus on relationships is the centerpiece of its premier weight-loss program, Saba 60. With the program’s simple, anyone-can-do-it plan, Saba 60 focuses just as much on eating well and working out as it does ensuring members have the motivation they need to reach and then maintain their fitness goals.

“Saba 60 is not just about product, it’s not just about the food program that's involved with it – we offer a complete system,” Gary says. “It’s really about a transformation from living a life where you may be stressed and tired and don’t have any ambition to where, all of a sudden, you’re excited about your future and what you're doing.”

This type of life change is what’s turning Associates into customers and starting them down a brand-new journey with Saba, this time toward a lifetime of financial health.

The sleeping giant…

“Saba is like a sleeping giant,” Gary says. “We’ve been successful, and now we’ve positioned ourselves to become one of the giants in the industry, offering the right tools, the right websites and the right products… We’ve already passed the test, and we're here to stay.”